Borrowed Time - 12"

Morning Again

Morning Again returns with their second in a series of EPs, offering up five brand-new, powerful, riff-heavy tracks. The lineup consists of vocalist Kevin Byers, guitarists John Wylie and Stephen Looker, bassist Gerardo Villarroel, and drummer Joshua Williams. "Borrowed Time" take's their sound one step further and includes some of the heaviest tracks to date. 12"ep includes a blank B-side. CD and cassette version include the "Survival Instinct" EP as bonus tracks.

The 1st press was pressed in Germany, all the pressings for Rev and Dead Serious (it's a 2 label release: Rev for the USA and DS for Europe) are pressed together in Europe. With the pandemic, all the plants in the US were jammed, so they decided to press with Dead Serious. Than the Ukraine was happenend after Morning Again commited to a schedule and that got behind, hence the year late release.