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About me

What I hold dear

Some of the things I hold dear are Hardcore Punk and vinyl. My whole world has evolved around this music and it’s affiliated lifestyle: Straight Edge. The thought-provoking lyrics, the out of step looks, the roughness, the do-it-yourself attitude, the boldness and the kindness combined, it’s pure love. I am lucky I found my way in this scene in my teens. Since then, many of my life’s choices were made with my music scene in mind.

I chose my profession based on the principles that are engraved in the scene. The scene stands for clean living, no animal cruelty, taking care of the world for our kids to live in. So the step to be working in a health food shop was a no brainer, like many more did before and after me. Combining band life with profession had to be mandatory.

I am a collector

Vinyl ♥

This is me, 50+ years old and still in my youth. Collecting records since the late eighties. If there ever was a constant factor in my life that never let me down, it is Hardcore Punk. Straight Edge Hardcore to be precise. The thing that always gave me strength when I was at my lowest, was going through, holding and listening my records. These round things make my life come full circle. And the greatest thing is, I can not let these things down. How hard I might try, my records will never be disappointed in me...

I am a collector at heart. A completist. But never focused on one band. From early on I somehow put my focus on two labels: New Age Records and Revelation Records.

The labels

New Age Records & Revelation Records

These record labels were essential to the scene. These 2 labels and the bands that come with it and from it, paved a way for all those kids that came and went in the years after. That these labels still exist after 30+ years, is mind blowing on it’s own but also comes to show that the 2 owners: Jordan Cooper (Revelation Records) and Mike Hartsfield (New Age Records) are true winners and dedicated to their roots. Because the big money is not to be found here.

This is my way to help them get things clear about some pressings that just a few of us find important. And somehow the nerdy aspect of it: quantities, the odds and ends, unnotable differences between pressings which the recordlabels wanted to go unnoticed and be the same. I am sure they don’t want to fuck with us collectors. They want to spark a fire in us to find their differences. And we did. We love these things. Thank you for taking care of us Jordan (REV) and Mike (NA).

Thank you for reading and fact-checking, because I know that's what nerds do. Contact me if you have any additional information on something, if you see something that is incorrect or if you have something in your collection that is not listed here. Please know that I try to focus on the label releases. Sometimes bands do their own thing with record-release covers and what not. These might not be listed here.

I am very gratefull to Kevin Finn for starting the whole rev.txt file, used as a bible by many of us. He started this and we're keeping that ball rolling. Huge thanks to Bart and Nico for helping me compile all this data and with photos and what not. Without you guys this website would have taken another 20 years.