Chung king can suck it - 12"


100 intended to be pressed, but 110 were made. The extra 10 had the first 0 in the /100 over written with a 1 and stamped numerically. 15+ still at Rev warehouse. #43 has apseudo-gatefold sleeve for no apparent reason. At least one was mailed without a sleeve, but which number was excluded is not known.

Both Jordan and Porcell believed that there were only 3 test presses. This however does not make a great deal of sense due to the fact that they usually come in a set of at least 4, otherwise your are not getting a true "test" of the stampers. However, it was discovered that Porcell sold one under the belief that he was selling a "Bringin' It Down" test (since Chung King was supposed to be "Bringin'" it could get confusing).

After it was thought that there were then 4 tests, a 5th was found in New York and then a 6th in Europe. There could be a few more, there's just no way to tell. Three tests are in California, one in New Jersey, one in New York, and one in Europe.